Manager's report for the financial year 2019/20

This will be the final annual report I write for Turntable, as I will be retiring at the end of October. Whilst I will be really sad to leave, I shall be child-minding my young grandson, who is an absolute delight, so my time will be well filled.

It’s a shame that my final year has been marred by COVID-19, but nonetheless we still delivered more than 6,250 items of furniture and electrical appliances to 738 local families.

I have worked for Turntable for 24 years and have overseen many changes during that time. I have worked with some amazing volunteers over the years, and have witnessed many of them turn their lives around. I am proud to say that all of the staff I have appointed during my time as Manager have been volunteers at the time of their appointment, and I am so grateful for all their hard work and loyalty over the years. Sadly, two of our longest standing and most loyal volunteers, Keith Taylor and Michael Daly, died this year. They had become my very good friends and they are greatly missed by everyone at Turntable.

I have been fortunate to have a Board of Trustees that have been extremely supportive, and allowed Turntable to evolve in the best way possible. Alongside the Board, our accountant, Jane Miners has always been available to give advice or just listen.

I am really grateful to the many grant-making trusts that have supported us over the years, and Exeter City Council who have provided us with premises and grants.

In March, our Trustees appointed my replacement, Paul Baldwin. I will be working alongside Paul until my retirement in October and, from what I see, I think he will be very successful in the role. He brings a fresh pair of eyes and some great ideas for taking Turntable forward.

I wish Paul and everyone involved with Turntable all the very best success for the future.

Pam Rice
Manager (to Feb 2020)

Keith TaylorMichael Daly
Keith Taylor (1939-2019)Michael Daly (1953-2019)

When commencing my position as manager of Turntable Furniture, I did not expect my first task to be ensuring that the charity adhered to government protocol when temporarily closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

My background has been in the aviation industry for the past 15 years, but additionally for the past 10 years as secretary of a local charity, which hopefully puts me in a good position to take Turntable into the future. It will certainly be a nice change to be helping people that need it rather than shareholders!

From the outset, I quickly realised that no two days at Turntable are the same, and I expect it to continue like that. There is a great bunch of staff and volunteers here, all of whom have their own take on what goes on but who gel together well, and which has been expertly managed over the years by Pam.

Pam has proved a great tutor to me from the start, and I feel I am ready to take over the running of the charity when she retires at the end of October. Hopefully, my ideas and thoughts will be in keeping with the “Turntable way”.

Going forward, I would like to see my fresh set of eyes lead to further ways of bringing in furniture, and to distributing it to more people. One aim is to get the Turntable name better known around the area by use of social media.

Due to the current situation, I feel one of the biggest challenges will be fundraising. However, with the contacts Pam has made over the years, plus my own sources of fundraising, this can be achieved to ensure Turntable is viable for the immediate and long term future.

Lastly, I would like to say thank-you to the Board of Trustees for giving me this opportunity to manage Turntable Furniture.

Paul Baldwin
Manager (from Mar 2020)