Notes about donation

Before contacting us to donate items, kindly read these notes to avoid any problems / misunderstanding that may arise with collection.

Collection area / day

  • To keep our costs to a minimum we collect from a majority of places once a week only, including districts within Exeter itself. The map below shows which day we collect from your area.
  • Collection area / day

Collection time-window

  • We aim to do our collections within the time-window 9am - 2pm, but this isn't always possible. We work out our route the day before collection to keep our mileage to a minimum. We will do our best to accommodate individual needs, within reason, but again this isn't always feasible.
  • We are unable to give an exact time of arrival. However, we will contact you when we are on our way only if you ask us to do so, and provide us with a valid contact number at time of booking.
  • If you are unable to be home when we call, you are at liberty to leave items outside under cover, or in an unlocked shed / garage / out-house; you do so entirely at your own risk. Should items get wet such that we are unable to pass them on to others, sorry but they will not be collected.

Items we can / cannot accept

Although we endeavour to reduce-reuse-recycle as much as possible, and appreciate that items aren't going to be in pristine condition, we reserve the right to accept an item based solely on the decision of our driver when he sees the item. As we pass donations on to others we trust that you will understand. Please do not offer anything that you wouldn't want in your own home - we are not a waste-removal / house-clearance service.

For certain items there are criteria that need to be satisfied before we can accept them.
This is because:

  • Items are passed on to those on low income who often live in cramped conditions,
  • We have very limited storage capacity in our warehouse,
  • Our workers are volunteers and must not lift items that are very heavy or bulky,
  • Items must comply with current Health & Safety legislation.

The following is a list of items that have some form of limitation (e.g. dimensions) imposed on them. It isn't a comprehensive list of the items that can be donated:

Bedroom Items

  • Beds / Mattresses / Headboards - These items must have a fire label to show they comply with 1996 (or more recent) fire regulations. Here is an example of such a label. For Health and Safety reasons they must also be stain-free.
  • Cabin Beds / Bunk Beds / High Sleepers - We prefer metal or solid wood, ideally not chipboard as dismantling them tends to damage the chipboard. Please bag any nuts / bolts and tape securely to the frame. For bunk beds, ladders must be on the long side of the bed.
  • Wardrobes - The maximum size we can take is 3' (0.9m) wide by 6'6" (2.0m) tall. Sorry we can only accept free-standing units.

Bathroom Items

  • Bathroom Suites - For hygienic reasons we are unable to accept these items.

Lounge / Dining Room Items

  • Armchairs / Sofas / Padded Chairs/ Stools - These items must have a fire label to show that they comply with 1988 (or more recent) fire regulations. Here is an example of such a label. If the label contains the phrase "Careless use of matches ..." as opposed to "Carelessness causes fire" then it is pre-1988 and we cannot take it.
  • Patio Furniture / Wicker Sofas + Armchairs / Pianos - These are items with a very low uptake for those starting home & so we no longer accept these.
  • Wall Units / Display Cabinets / Welsh-Dressers / Sideboards / Bookcases - We accept units up to 4'6" (1.4m) in width, especially if they are welsh type dressers or come in 2 parts. If they contain glass below waist height, it must be safety-glass. Uptake of such items is low, so we frequently have to restrict what we accept.
  • Tables - So we can collect, deliver and store these items effectively, if it is a larger table we ask that it has removable legs, is drop-leaf or foldable. If it is glass-topped the glass must be safety-glass.
  • TV-Video Units - If they are glass-topped or have glass doors it must be safety-glass.
  • Televisions - Must be slim-line, in full working order, and come with their original remote (not a universal one). Sorry but we cannot take TVs that are not working.
  • DVD Players/Recorders / Freeview Boxes / Video Players/Recorders - If in working order these must come with their original remote (not a universal one).

Kitchen Items

  • Cookers - We can only accept free-standing gas / electric cookers; fitted cookers & hobs can only be accepted for their scrap value. We ask that they are disconnected before we collect as this isn't covered by our liability insurance.
  • Chest Freezers / Freezers / Fridge-Freezers / Fridges - We take items covering a maximum 3' x 2' (90cm x 60cm) floor-space. They must be in full working order, and have rubber seals that are in good condition, i.e. not split or perished. Sorry but due to the internal gases involved we cannot accept such items that need repair or are not working.
  • Dishwashers / Washing Machines - These must be disconnected before we collect as this isn't covered by our liability insurance. Sorry, but due to their weight, we won't transport washing machines up or down any steps.
  • Microwaves / Kettles / Toasters / Food Processors - Ideally these should be in full working order, but we can accept them even if they are not.
  • Fitted Cupboards - We are unable to accept these as they are only suited to the room in which they were originally fitted.

Small Household Appliances

  • Table Lamps / Standard Lamps - Ideally these should be in full working order, but we can accept them even if they are not.
  • Hair-dryers - For Health & Safety reasons we are no longer able to accept hair-dryers.
  • PC Hardware / Software - Due to issues of security, and the fact we don't have the ability to fully test these items before passing on to clients, we are unable to accept these items.

Floor Coverings

  • Rugs - Must be clean and in a reasonable state of repair.
  • Carpets - Sorry but we no longer accept these.
  • Vinyl / Laminate Flooring / Tiles / Underlay - Sorry but we are unable to accept these items.

Small Essential Household Items

  • Duvets / Pillows / Bed-linen / Curtains - These must be in a fit state to pass on to others - i.e. fully laundered + ironed, with no marks or stains whatsoever no matter how small.
  • Clothing / Jewellery / Ornaments / Games/Toys / Books / DVDs/Videos / CDs/Cassette Tapes/Records / Cups & Saucers / Stemmed Glasses / Large Pictures - We are unable to accept any of the aforementioned items. Kindly donate these to your nearest charity shop.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Baby Items - These items should be donated to Jelly.
  • Bikes - These should be donated to either a) Bike Bank, or b) Ride On.